Just a few days after his 16th birthday, 6'6 Richard Jetter underwent open heart surgery to repair a congenital coronary artery anomaly. Richard literally danced down the hallway to the operating room and vowed he would also dance his way out. At 15 years old, after going into Atrial Fibrillation, he was subsequently diagnosed with the #2 leading medical cause of sudden cardiac death in young athletes. Surgery was June 9, 2015 performed by Dr. Victor Morell at UPMC Children's hospital in Pittsburgh PA. The video was taken June 11 while still in the intensive care unit, with chest tube. He calls his 7.5 inch scar, "The scar of a WARRIOR" and proudly shows it to anyone that asks or doesn't.Richard says the ordeal has taught him that compassion and helping others is as important to happiness as striving for himself.  He wants to inspire his community of athletes to get tested and know that heart conditions don’t necessarily mean the end of sports. After all, he's still alive and working towards his dreams!