Dear Ellen / Dear Sir or Madam /
To whom it may concern / or just … well … Dear person who is going to read this

Hi! Nice to meet you! My name is
Lara! What’s your name? LoL :)

I moved to New York two years ago
and yes, I am proud and happy to say that I accomplished one of my biggest
dreams. Hip hip hurrah!
Coming from a small country and from a
not wealthy family, to dream about NY or even about my other small-big, crazy
dream of becoming an actress was like a good joke to my family and friends. They
told me I should become a stand up comedian instead and I was like "... but, my
dreams are real, not a joke, I will visit and/or move to NY or LA someday
..." but they just kept laughing ... actually, I think they still are! ;)

And yes, it
took me only (?!) 30 years to get here, but here I am! :) One quick advice to
all the young peeps out there (and old/er too): Be a good human being, finish
school, work hard, believe in yourself and follow your dreams! On your way ...
if you hit the ground, it's ok, you are allowed to cry a little bit ... and
yes, 5 minutes is enough, so, put yourself together and keep going! Nothing is
impossible! Dreams do come true! And remember: You are an amazing person! (ooh,
wait ... nooo, not me, you are ... well, I guess I am, but ... you are too, we
all are ... yes, we all are!)

So ... I have
never been to New York before (I mean, before I moved here), but let me tell
you a little secret, it's just as I imagined it would be watching all those
episodes of Sex and the City and Gossip Girl ... well, ok ... it's not
completely the same: I don't have their fancy life, I don't have Mr. Big and I
don't spend my summer in the Hamptons like the Gossip Girl kids ... but, beside
that ... sure, everything else is pretty much the same, just like on TV! Seriously,
I’m kidding! ;)

Why NY ...
why LA ... well, let me make a short story long:

Since I was a
little girl, I remember sneaking out of my house to go to my neighbor's
apartment just to watch NBC, CBS and other channels (my neighbor was one of the
very few people who had a cable TV back then) and all those programs and TV
shows and cartoons were completely new to me. TV screen was my window into the
world, a magical world never seen before. Then one day I "met" Ellen …
the funniest gal on the planet ... and then, out of nowhere she was there,
inside my TV every day, hosting various TV shows … and then The Oscars … and I
knew, yes …  ever since I was a little girl I knew I wanted
to be part of that “TV” world and keep informing, inspiring and educating
people all around the world through media and that little screen, called TV …
just like Ellen (and Oprah, she’s great too). So that’s why … I mean, where
else is the center of all the media and entertainment industries if not here!

But ya know … it’s not easy … and even though
I have a degree in Communication Studies (Media and Journalism) I’m still
trying to find a job in that field … but hey, hey … guess what, I have been
working as a background actress in TV shows and movies so … I guess, I am
(kinda) living that other small-big dream I had since … forever! ;)

And Ellen, I am sorry, unfortunately I
was never in NY when you were hosting your show here ... ah, I know, it breaks
my heart too to hear that, such a sad story ;) .. but anyway, it's ok, I
can come to LA ... no worries, would be happy to come to see you. I have never
been to California so, yeah … just put two and two together and imagine how
happy I would be to see Cali and you at the same time! :)

Ps. Seriously … I am NOT kidding!

Ellen, I just
want to thank you! Thank you for bringing joy to my life! Love your show, love
your humor, love your books!
Wish you all the best!


Best Regards & Love,