My daughter, Harper, and a few of her friends wanted to share this letter and funny video with you!Dear Ellen DeGeneres,Our 7th grade science teacher at Pleasant Valley Junior High, Mrs. Ann Martin, made us a promise at the beginning of the year. She said that if the whole class ever got 100% on all of the questions on a homework quiz, she would dance to Lady Gaga's Bad Romance. Mrs. Martin has had this bet going for 3 years with all of her classes. We were the first class to EVER meet the goal. We thought you would appreciate this video because it is very funny and your show is all about honoring the funny moments in life. Mrs. Martin has been teaching for 23 years and she has been nothing but wonderful. Our whole class, and many others, believes she deserves her chance in the spotlight and deserves to be recognized for not only her awesome dance moves but the commitment she puts into our school. We hope you enjoy Mrs. Martin's rendition of Lady Gaga's Bad Romance. Please email us if you love her as much as we do.Sincerely,Harper Clark, Taylor Buhr, Lauren Green, Grace Engstrom, Bella Vondracek, Alyssa Smith, Chloe Isbell, Ava Bandy,  and the rest of Mrs. Martin's 3rd period science class