Korey (a twin) has Cerebral Palsy.  Although he can't speak, he can communicate through his computer.  He is the sweetest person and his family inspires us all including his twin brother, Kyle, who has been Korey's best friend since the day they were born.  This family has been through so much hardship, yet they always smile and make those around them smile.  Korey does this through playing music from his wheelchair which also blows bubbles and Wendy, in honor of Korey, founded the Ideal School of Advanced Learning  http://learnideal.com/our-story-2/  here in West Palm Beach, Florida. Kyle and his father Kris, along with Wendy, spend as much free time as they can with Korey. I see them often walking next to Korey through town while Korey plays his music, blows bubbles and smiles. Korey loves music and loves Ellen.  His dream is to dance with Ellen and DJ on her show.  My idea would be to invite Korey and his family on Ellen. Korey could DJ one song through his wheelchair as it blows bubbles up and down the aisles and then Ellen could invite him to dance (his ultimate dream).  The song would be Sweet Caroline, the song that played when Korey danced at his brother's wedding and if possible have Blake Shelton be the special surprise singer as Korey has always wanted to meet him.  If not Blake, then Kenny Loggins or even Neil Diamond (this is just a suggestion of course).  See his best man's speech here where you can watch the family dance towards the end of the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfdMUQClTMA  I have been desperately trying to get this family on Ellen.  They have been through so much and this would mean the world to them. Please make Korey's dream a reality.  I will keep trying to get him on until you do as this has to happen! Thank you.