We decided to take my son to a place called Monkey Mountain. As it shows in the video Money Mountain is a place where you can feed monkeys popcorn. There are no barriers between you or any of the monkeys (however you do have to walk into giant fenced off area in order to get to the monkeys). Before we went there I told my husband that I wasn't sure that it was a great idea. Our son Jase is almost 3 LOVES popcorn and I was a little scared that he might try to eat the monkeys popcorn and the monkey would get upset or that he would be upset if the monkey ate the popcorn. My son also has a speech delay and has Autism so sometime these kind of situations are hard for him to understand but we never want his diagnosis to stop him from getting to do anything. Well anyways my son DID eat the monkeys popcorn and the monkey DID get mad...In fact the monkey came within inches of slapping my son in the face and what wasn't caught on tape was just a few minutes after this video a different monkey did grab my sons arm after my son ate that monkeys popcorn too!!! (He was fine and the monkey was too )