!!!!70 YEAR OLD WOMAN BATON TWIRLING!!!!Baton Twirling Granny, AKA NOONIE, turns the big "70." Watch this amazing video of me twirling with my daughter and granddaughter, three generations of former baton twirling champions! My dream was to make this video for my 70th birthday. After battling fibromyalgia and arthritis for many years, this state, national, and world champion baton twirler is laying my batons down ending a 61 year twirling career. I have twirled all across the nation and even performed for two presidents. I taught twirling over 55 years in Wichita Falls , Texas, Tyler, Texas,  and Geneva, Alabama and many other states across the US producing hundreds of state, national, and world champions.I was so exhausted after making the video I  came home and crashed. I woke up the next morning, barely able to move, realizing i still had my twirling outfit on!!!! 😂 My dream was to be able to make  this video for Ellen on my 70th birthday and for Ellen to see it!  Please make my dream come true!