Hi! My name is Steph. I am Mom to an incredible boy.When my son was 3 years old, he could not sit still! He had trouble sitting at the table to eat meals, sitting at circle time to read stories, or going on long car rides.  I learned this is a common problem for many parents! We discovered together that he liked vibrations. They calmed him.He then helped me to design fully portable small vibrating pillows that he could sit on or squeeze to help him relax, and focus. My son was the original inspiration and original designer with me for what became Senseez Pillows. Senseez means to ease the senses.My son is so proud of this! We started with only a few pillows, and now... we have over 11 styles, for kids, teens and adults, we have won over 10 product awards, and Senseez are available in over 15 countries!My son knew that sitting still was hard for many kids. And he wanted something fun to help him and others that looked cool and was an easy tool to use. Senseez are now used in classrooms, homes and for travel! And Senseez also regularly donates a portion of sales to children's charities.