What's cuter than a cute Koala joey video? A Koala joey video that a butterfly takes over and owns it like a boss.Whilst taking footage for a planned sustainability video, which included a butterfly on a flower then focusing over to the Koalas in the background, one of our gorgeous little Koalas named Willow', spotted the beautiful butterfly which was placed on native flowers inside the Koala House here at Symbio Wildlife Park in Sydney, Australia.Like any young girl, the sight of a Butterfly was too much and she just had to rush over for a closer look.After initial investigation of the butterfly by the young Koala, the butterfly then decided this was way too good an opportunity to let slide, so left the comfort of the flowers and fluttered over to spend some koala-ty time with Willow and they seemed to strike up the oddest of friendships. What happened next was absolutely priceless, and by far the cutest thing you will see this year.Video filmed by Kevin Fallon | Symbio Wildlife Park in Sydney, AustraliaFind us on Facebook to see all our other adorable videos.For more information please contact:Kevin Fallon kevin@symbiozoo.com.au+61 2 4294 1244