My mother-in-law, Myra Caillouet, is currently
being treated at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX for stage four
lymphoma. My wife and her three sisters decided to surprise her with a remix to the popular *NSYNC song "Bye, Bye, Bye" as a Christmas gift.
They performed it for her on Christmas Day, and Myra's reaction caught on video
has shown to be heartwarming and uplifting. 
 My wife posted this video on Facebook to share with friends and family the next day,
and since then, their story and video have been shared on news stations and newspapers across the country! Myra's positivity has been an inspiration to those fighting cancer and the creative way her daughters expressed their support has shown to be impacting other families who are going through the same battle.This family has been fans of yours for years,
and we've received many comments urging us to send the video to ELLEN. Please
consider choosing this family for a segment on your show, and I guarantee
your audience will be laughing, crying and fighting alongside these women, one
dance move at a time. Thank you for your time, and go
#TeamMyra! NEWS LINKS: