Maya and Patrick from Germany came all the way out to Australia for a once in a lifetime trip down under. After being huge fans of the @Symbio Wildlife Park Facebook page for over a year, they just knew they had to Imogen, the Koala, in person.When they arrived at Symbio, and upon a keeper talking to them and Maya explaining just how much being here meant to her, the Zoo Keeper and the Zoos marketing manager decided to make it an experience that neither would ever forget.They organised a very special behind the scenes experience with Imogen the koala, and also coordinated all the Kangaroos in their Kangaroo Walk-Through Area for the German pair.Not to stop there, they also filmed the entire experience and made this magical holiday video for them.Needless to say, they were left with the biggest happiest smiles on their face. Being family owned and operated, staff at Symbio Wildlife Park have the ability and want to go above and beyond to make their Southern Sydney based Zoo one of the most intimate zoos in the world.