Dear Ellen,We are from Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar School and we think you are truly amazing. We made this video because at school both year 4 classes had to choose a role model to present to the school. We chose you because of the things you do to help other people and the way you inspire us. One of our qualities that we are working on is 'She understands the world and her capacity to shape it' and we believe you live this out every day.  We have put together our own version of the Ellen show, with one of our students pretending to be you.We hope you like it!We finish school on December 7th and it would be great if we could chat to you by then. Sorry for the late notice,we have been really busy as it is our last term of the school year. Students 4D and 4RTeachers: Bay Fikri & Meredith Adams. School: Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar School.