Welcome to the world through my eyes. Where smiles replace judgemental looks. A quote Ellen DeGeneres makes at the end of every single one of her shows hits close to my heart. Be kind to one another. ---Ellen stands for equality, diversity, hope and better tomorrows. She inspires me to be a better person. Therefore I made it my mission to spread her message around the world. ---I hope by watching this, it not only brightens your day, but inspires you to brighten the world of those around you. ---A big thank you to: - Natalie Braithwaite for putting my journey into a 3 minute video- Debs Music Life for allowing me to use her beautiful piano cover of Hall of Fame by The Script - Those who shared their interpretation of 'be kind to one another' - Everyone who so willingly held up the banner all around the world - & finally, Ellen, for being the inspiration behind this journey ---Without you, this would not be possible. ---Facebook- www.facebook.com/journeytoellenTwitter- @TaraProctor012