Worlds bravest duck trolls Tiger just for fun!For more amazing videos like this, visit our Zoo's Facebook Page:,  a rare Sumatran Tiger from Sydney's Symbio Wildlife Park was trolled in the funniest way by none other than a small duck.Weighing in at 126kg, and almost 100 times the ducks size, the duck had no chill when it came to trolling Jalur, and decided it was time to play a game of Marco Polo.Each time Jalur would get near, the duck would dice under the water. leaving Jalur baffled and confused, and then appear on the other side of the large sanctuary pool.This continued for almost ten minutes, with the duck even purposely flapping it's wings numerous times to get the big cats attention and keep the game going. In the end, the duck ended up being the victor, with Jalur giving up and admitting defeat by retreating from the pool whilst the duck bathed in the glory.For more information or to obtain permission of use, contact:Kevin 2 4294 1244