Hi Ellen! I am so grateful to
be the mother of one four year old and two year old triplets. I love them
dearly!! Wouldn’t change my life for the world! But Ellen, there are just SO
MANY...ALL THE TIME…EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE! Last grocery trip, I bought four
boxes of diapers that won’t last long. That’s 736 diapers! My morning usually
begins with a huge cup of coffee and a hopeful and excited expectation of a
great day! Then the kids wake up and I remember that I forgot to pack lunches,
lay out clothes for school, and put a diaper on one of the triplets at bed time…make
that two of the triplets. And so begins the first load of laundry. My day
usually ends with me realizing I’ve said things that I never imagined I would
have a need to say. Things like, “Guys! You know the rules! You can only
clothes line each other in the playroom!” or “Do you think Jesus stuck HIS bum
in HIS brothers face when he got in his car seat?!” I LOVE your show and all
the laughter it brings to my day – even if I have to hide in the bathroom to
watch it sometimes!  My sister in law and
I have been trying to get tickets to your show for forever so when I heard you
say we could win them by submitting a video, I immediately started working on
it! Scratch that - First I changed a massive diaper blow out, broke up a
toddler fight, dressed up in a princess dress 8 sizes to small for a tea party,
cleaned some unidentified gunk off of the living room wall, and located the
culprit of the interesting smell coming from the playroom (“Guys this a play
kitchen! The fisher price refrigerator will not really keep these milk sippies
and ham (from last weeks lunch) fresh!”). I would be ecstatic to win a couple
of hours of watching your show in the Geico Sky box! If I don’t end up winning
this contest, what would you say to just letting me hide in that beautiful
Geico glass box in the sky every now and again after your show is over. Maybe I
could be in charge of washing the windows…for three hours…a day? I will work
for free.